Women's Self Defense Collection

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Total Duration: 3:27:21

Videos: 4

Women! Learn how to protect yourself in any situation.

Become the victor not the victim.

Just follow along and do the same moves the Grandmaster teaches you on this extensive video collection.

1. Women’s Defense Against Sexual Assaults and Predators;

2. Women’s Self-Defense Against Any Domestic Violence Situation. Take control and never get abused;

3. Self-Defense for Any Situation No Matter Where You and Your Family Are. Learn quick, simple life-saving moves.

4. Women – Learn How to Protect Yourself On the Street Against Thugs Using Weapons Such as Knives, Clubs, and Guns. These moves will save your life.

Domestic Violence Defense
Yes you can defend yourself and loved ones from domestic violence, physical abuse or home intruders. Created especially for women, you will be more confident, prepared and secure when you know these simple, effective moves. Neither size, strength or martial arts training is needed.
Change The Odds - Rape Defense
Defend yourself against premeditated or spontaneous attacks. Learn how to effectively handle any situation including sexual harassment, date rape, or other sexual assault. Neither strength, size, or martial arts experience required to protect yourself or a friend or family member. This practical guide will teach you the mind set you need to feel capable and confident. A must for every girl, teen, and adult woman!