White - Black Belt Course
White - Black Belt Course

Rental Price: $3.99 / 1 day

Purchase Price: $29.99

Total Duration: 9:59:40

Videos: 9

Learn Martial Arts and Self-Defense while earning your White Belt to Black Belt at the same time!

Just follow step-by-step with Grandmaster Fred Villari.

It’s easy, it’s fun and will add years to your lifespan by keeping you in physical and mental shape.

PLUS, you will learn self-defense that will render any attacker harmless.

This White to Black Belt program is designed to make it possible for you – man, woman or teenager – to earn your Black Belt in as few as 12-18 months.

And, learn the most devastating simple moves for any type of self defense you may ever need.

Anyone can easily learn and earn their Black Belt at home, at the office whenever you have the time.

Just follow along with Grandmaster Villari – the foremost authority in the world on self-defense.

START NOW! It’s easy and fun. Become more confident, relaxed, and no longer worry about your and your loved ones’ safety.

White Belt Course
The White Belt Course introduces you to the foundations of Shaolin Kempo Karate. Simply follow along with the stretching and strengthening exercises and learn strikes, kicks, and blocks to give you the ability to protect yourself as you progress from White to Yellow Belt.